Big Stick Gamers

Big Stick Gamers (BSG) is comprised of a small group of passionate gamers who wanted to write and share their experiences and reviews on games and special gaming events to their gaming community.

My Role


The Challenge

The BSG team wanted a website that was sophisticated yet simple and visually engaging that would entice the viewers to click on an article and continue reading. They wanted to be able to present content that is informative and quick and easy to view to different audiences; from viewers who like to sit and read an in depth description to gamers who are actively playing real time strategy games and need the quick information on hand to glance at as their game shifts unexpectedly.

The Goal

Create fun and engaging blog website that is easy to understand that caters to both in depth readers as well as quick skimmers. For users who want just a quick tl;dr, a rating system was designed to give a quick idea of the overall rating of a game as well as a "good" and "bad" run list of the author's thoughts and overall comments of the game.

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